Yahoo's Weather Widget

Yahoo’s weather widget will let you plan your weekend excursion appropriately. The  widget can be easily be placed on a user’s desktop allowing them to quickly glance at the weather before leaving the house.

“I usually just step outside the house for a second before I leave and make an assumption about what the weather will be like for the day,” said Bill Richman, a Quininpiac senior majoring in broadcast journalism.

“Most of the time my laziness doesn’t cause any problems, but every couple of months I find myself at the beach shivering because I didn’t bring  a sweater or caught in a downpour with out an umbrella.”

“Having something directly in front of me would definitely reduce the amount of times I leave the house unprepared.”

The widget offers users a quick view of the five day forecast and current conditions for the region. There is a link at the bottom of the widget which takes users to an extended and more  in-depth forecast courtesy of

Spare yourself from the fate Richman often encounters by downloading this widget today.