For the final installment of LowDoughTrips’ guide to cheap activities in the Nutmeg state, we bring you a look at museums and some of the characters behind the scenes.

Steve Wood runs which catalogs more than 600 museums in Connecticut. He currently spends a few hours each weekend trying to get to as many museums as possible, to date he has visited more than 150.

Wood’s unique hobby has been chronicled in Connecticut Magazine and NBC30 among others.

For those on a tight budget Wood suggested spending a day going to the various Yale museums such as the Yale University Art Gallery and Yale Center for British Art.

“Talk about cheap those things are free and they are on par with any museum in the northeast,” Wood said.

Like the rest of the state there are an astonishing number of museums crammed into New Haven, “there’s like 20 things in New Haven alone,”‘ Wood said, including an old crypt and a rare book museum.

Wood said that the Peabody Museum is a sure to please just about everyone,  “The Peabody is always fun, I mean everyone likes dinosaurs right?” Admission ranges from $5-$7 depending on age and student status.

Peri Rachel, a senior psychology major at Quinnipiac University, raved about her experience at the Peabody Museum. For her the Egyptian section was most memorable, “it’s fascinating to see a body that died over 2000 years ago.”

“There’s lots of kids running around, its very family friendly,” said Katie Becker, a senior media production major at Quinnipiac.

“Thats the one that sticks out in peoples minds in terms of fun,” Ron Gagliardi said. He holds a plethora of museum and history related positions including  Official Municipal Historian of Cheshire, Director of the Lock 12 Museum, member of Cheshire Historical Society Board of Directors and a employee at the Barker Character Comic & Cartoon Museum.

“[The Peabody] is probably not geared to young kids, but kids in middle school, high school and seniors, ” Gagliari said. He added that visitors shouldn’t make judgments about the museum based on its location, “ the Peabody is like a large city museum experience.”

Gagliardi suggested those looking for a change of pace from the traditional historic and art themed museums stop by the  Barker Character Comic & Cartoon Museum.

“The museum features over 80.000 items in the collection,” Gagliardi said.

Pieces include the original set for the television show Gumby, complete with Kangaroo Express Station and Pokey, upwards of 550 Pez dispensers and memorabilia from just about every fad or hit TV show since the 1940s.

“The ideal age would be maybe 8 through 80,” Gagliardi said.

According to Gagliardi, the Barker museum is a great location for a date, “From what I’ve watched when people come in they really enjoy sharing the experience of what they used to watch on television with someone else.”

Those who don’t have much money to spend on their date can rest easy, admission to the Barker is $5 for adults and $3 for children.

A larger than life Hulk action figure at the Barker Character, Comic & Cartoon museum in Cheshire

Still not sure where to head this weekend? Check out a map LowDoughTrips put together of some notable museums in the area: