Ferry Falls, WY © David Hartman

You pay to keep this clean
© David Hartman

Plain and simple. Outside is better than inside. Always. No one ever climbed Mt. Everest inside. No one ever crossed the Sahara sitting on a couch. No one ever found a rare species of animal or an interesting native tribe while sitting inside.

The goal of this blog, strangely enough, is to make sure you don’t spend all day reading boring blogs written by lazy college students who are just interested in getting a grade so they can move on with their lives…not that I have ever done anything like that.

In all seriousness, this blog is a challange, a dare, to go outside and do something you usually don’t do. To step outside of your comfort zone.

Americans are disproportionately obese compared to the rest of the world yet we live in a country of boundless beauty. Nearly $3 trillion was spent by taxpayers to fund our National Parks Service(in addition to state and local funding) so why not get your money’s worth? There are countless places worthy of a day trip right here in CT but you’d never know it because the state spends as much money promoting its tourists attractions as an item on McDonald’s value menu costs.

So stick with me and I’ll show you CT’s best kept secrets and how you can enjoy them without breaking the piggy bank.